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Manage My Bills Better is a free website designed to help you manage your income and your household bills, sending you an email reminder when your bills need to be reviewed.


This website is divided into income and outgoings, money coming into your household and money going out of your household. Outgoings are further divided into Must Haves, Nice to Haves, Luxuries and Debts.


Income is all the money coming into your household, households come in all shapes and sizes from students living in a shared house, to families, to extended families all under the same roof. In the Income section you can list all the salaries / wages coming in, benefits, tax credits, pensions and any other monies coming in.

Must Haves

Must Haves or essentials are the most important bills or outgoings, things that you cannot possibly live without like a roof over your head (mortgage / rent), Council Tax, utilities (electric / gas / water), food and child costs.

Nice to Haves

Nice to Haves are things that you would find hard to live without but may not be regarded as being really essential. These might include car costs, mobile phones, TV licence and media subscriptions, broadband, health & beauty costs, cloths & shoes and maybe even pet costs.


Luxuries are exactly that, things that are a bit of a treat, things that are definitely not essential, things that you could live without for a short period of time while you short your finances out. We all know what the luxuries might be and it maybe hard to live without them, but it doesn't have to be forever, just 'till you get back in the black.


Unfortunately debts seem to be one of those things that we all have to live with from time to time, loans, credit cards, store cards and overdrafts. The worst thing about debts is the interest you pay, money that you might as well just pour down the drain or set fire to. It's quite common for half of your monthly repayments to go on interest and only half actually paying off the loan or credit card.

We'd all be far better off if we didn't have debts, so try setting a time period, say a couple of years, depending on the total size of your debts, where you really cut back, find the best deals and pay your debts off as fast as you can. It sounds easy when you say it like that, but we know in realitity that it's extremely difficult, this website will hopefully let you see which bills you can live without, so you can reduce your debts and make the most of your income.

What You Will Need

When completing this website you will need to know all of your incomings and outgoings. You will need your pay slips, benefit letters, pension statements, bank statements, utility bills, etc.

Don't panic, you won't have to input all your bills in one go, your information will be securely stored so you can log in again when you have more figures. Try keeping all your receipts for food, shopping and petrol etc. for a whole month so you can get a good idea of how much you spend in an average week or month.

How Do You Manage Your Bills?

We all manage our bills differently, nowadays most bills are paid monthly and most salaries are also paid monthly, so that's how we'll store those details. You can however, input those amounts as a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even a yearly figure.

On our summary pages you can also change the way they are displayed to weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly, whichever way helps you manage your bills or make most sense to your particular circumstances.

Review Your Bills

These days, there is no reward for loyalty and when it comes to household bills, it pays to shop around for the best deals. It's difficult to manage all the dates when contracts expire and your introductory offers come to an end.

With Manage My Bills Better you can set up review reminders on your income and outgoings, for example salary increment days, benefit increase days, pension increase days, mortgage deal end dates, loan end dates and end of contract dates. You can add all these dates on this website and we will email you these reminders a week before the review date and again on the review date you set so you will always be up to date, in control of your bills and always have the best deals.

Personal Details

We only need your email address, so we can send you review reminders, we don't need to know your mother's maiden name, we don't need to know the name of your first pet or your inside leg measurement or any other personal details, you don't even need to add your name. We won't share your email address with anyone, honest.

Your username needs to be unique, so make it obscure and write it down somewhere safe.


You or your company can sponsor individual website pages or the whole website. Please contact us for more information. Sponsorship and advertisements allow us to develop and maintain this website.

Help Us to Help You

This website is provided totally free of charge, it would really help us if you could donate a small amount of cash to help us out with running costs, the price of a cappuccino would be awesome. So if you find this website useful please click on one of the coffee cups below to make a donation.

The Bottom Line

This website's sole intention is to help you manage your bills better, it's not intended to offer you financial advice of any kind, it's just to help you make those decisions, not make them for you. You should always seek independent financial advice whenever your circumstances dictate it.

We will endeavour to keep this website available and free of errors, but we cannot guarantee it will be error free or available all the time. We cannot be held responsible for any losses as a result of errors, non-availability or non-receipt of review reminder emails. You should always check your review dates on the website on a regular basis just in case you missed the email, it was undelivered or was moved to your junk folder. If review reminder emails go to your junk folder, click the option in your email application that changes our emails to safe or not junk.

We hope you find this website really useful, we'd love to hear from you, if you spot any errors or things that might seem odd or could work better, please let us know and we'll work on it.

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